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The Perversion and Subversion of John 31

     The Perversion and Subversion of John 3:16 reveals a rancid, putrid cancer in the Christian realm today.  The Bible is being rewritten and reinterpreted in the new versions.  Ancient heresies cloaked in a new garb have found a new venue.  A battle for true Biblical Christianity rages out of sight and mind of the average Christian.  Make no mistake! The heart and soul of true Christianity is at stake.  

     This book documents, without a doubt, the most important Christian issue in our time.  It is time for Bible believing Christians to return to our true Biblical heritage and take a firm stand with our traditional conservative Biblical faith. 

     This book contains a host of guest authors who provide the real expertise behind the thoughts contained herein.  The writer has endeavored to provide a book format that will provide the person in the pew as well as the pulpit with maximum benefit.  Where the material of a guest author was used, every effort was made to maintain the same format of that author.

     As the Bible says, “ye are entered into their labours” and that is exactly what this writer has done.  A hearty thanks to each guest author and you have the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself where He said, “my reward is with me.”  My prayer is that God will bless each ministry in a special way for their bountiful and gracious contributions to this effort.

     The word of God is much more important than the thoughts or words of the writer.  Without the word of God, my words are sheer vanity.  Read and reread the verses until they are fully grasped.  These will lead to the true value of this book.

     The premise of this book is:  The perversion and subversion of John 3:16 and other critical passages provide irrefutable proof that these new versions are contaminated with doctrinal error that stem from roots of biblical apostasy and heresy.

     The writer believes that the KJV is the perfectly preserved word of God for us in English.  Specifically, the KJV is a preserved copy of the inspired, inerrant and infallible word of God.  In addition, this writer believes the word of God is the sole and final authority for Christian faith, doctrine, and practice.

The Perversion and Subversion of John 31
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